Border Collies have been owned and loved by people over the centuries. This is a dog known for herding sheep, but is also associated with competitive sport, sledding, search and rescue, hunting and company. A typical Border Collie is a very strong-willed animal, intelligent and instinctive, making it a joy to be around, as the dog is very trainable.

Teach your Border Collie its name Border Collies are very intelligent dogs and learn very quickly. To create a bond with your Border Collie, the first thing you need to do is teach him his name, so when you’re talking about the dog, he understands that you are addressing him. To do this, just say the name you have chosen and then give him a treat. Repeat until the dog responds to his name.

Discourage the Innate Mentality of the Dog to Herd

Border Collie has an instinctive desire to herd animals and the people who are around him. If you have children, you may find that when they are out of the game, your Border Collie wants to round up the kids, or take the package. When you see the grazing activity, have children stop what they are doing and scold the dog. Let the dog know each time this behavior is not good as it is not their job.

Fixing Your Border Collie

An untrained Border Collie might do some silly thing initially, but don’t worry, the dog is intelligent enough to learn and behave quickly. While something can be beautiful the first few times, over time what was once beautiful is no more. As soon as you see a behavior, such as begging or excavation, say “NO!” in a low and growl-like voice. Then, show the dog what you want him to do. Follow this process of correction and praise each time to be more effective.

Border Collie and Crate Training

The Border Collie does best with crate training because they are working dogs and they love to be able to expect what lies ahead. During crate training, your dog will be put in a box where you cannot see or interact with him. To housebreak your dog, let it outside immediately after leaving the box. Praise him every time he goes potty outside. The dog will quickly pick up on the fact that the box is his safe place and out is intended to ease up and play.

Give your dog a Job

The Border Collie is born as a working dog. They get bored easily if they do not have something to do that keeps them busy. Work with your dog as much as possible, teaching tricks, going to obedience school, or even teach it to do things like picking up paper or walk around the yard with you. While the dog feels like he’s doing a job, he will be much happier and less irritable.