There are a lot of people who would want to own a Border collie dogs for their intelligence and athletic abilities, but what they do not know is that Border collie dogs can actually be a challenge and might be a bit too much to handle especially if you want them as a pet. There are many things that you should know about when it comes to the Border collie because people don’t normally know them that much except for them being smart dogs and very hardworking animals who are also good looking. To those people who needed to know more about them before they make the final decisions here are some of the list that you should expect when owning a Border collie dogs.

  • They are very intelligent and athletic. Sometimes these traits can actually lead to trouble. These dogs are pretty smart animals they will find ways to get into trouble and not to mention if you don’t give these animals the physical and mental stimulation that they need, they will end up destroying the house.
  • They are good at herding livestock, especially sheep. Their herding skills are good when it comes to farming but they can be spelled disaster if you place them in a house with your family. Their herding skills can be a problem so it is better to redirect it and discourage their herding skills in order to avoid any damage.
  • They can be destructive and energetic if you don’t give them constant exercise. This is another problem that you should know about. Walking your Border collie dog at the park will not be enough to satisfy them or having a pretty big backyard won’t be enough to contain them. It is better to train them with positive reinforcement and give them constant and creative exercise to curb those destructive tendencies.

Now that you know, you’re going to think real hard it these type of breed is the perfect pet for you. Yes, they are intelligent, and yes they can be hard working dogs and they are easily well-trained animals but is it worth the trouble in bringing them to your home when they are trained herding sheepdogs? Consider the possibilities that might happen if you turn them into household pets? These animals are perfect for farming thanks to their herding skills. They can be a great asset for the farmer but they won’t be perfect house pets for homeowners as well.

It is best to know more about the Border collie dogs before taking the plunge that way you won’t have to regret in making the decision when you are more aware and well informed of their abilities. It is advisable for you to find a more suitable dog that can be the perfect family pet than having to own a Border collie dog. There’s a high chance you won’t handle their smart and energetic personality. They need physical and mental exercise. Are you willing enough to provide that?