The Border Collie is a well-balanced, medium-sized dog that displays grace and agility in equal measure with substance and stamina.

The Typical Black and White Dog

Border Collies are the typical black and white dogs you see around that have been bred to herd sheep. They come in an assortment of sizes and colors, though they generally range from about 30 to 60 pounds and their standard markings are black with a white collar, chest, head stripe (blaze), paws, and tail tip. These markings are only the perceived “typical” markings, as Border Collies also come in red/white, black/red/white, blue merle, red merle, mostly white, tan and black, brindle, sable, and mostly black varieties. They are quite commonly seen in television ads and Hollywood films. They are known for their incredible herding instinct and their keen intelligence.

Their bodies are a bit longer than they are tall, with moderately long, low-set tails. They have wide, flat skulls and their muzzles are usually the same length as the skull.

The Border Collie’s nose color should match the main color of his body. Eyes can be any color, and some dogs have two different colored eyes (usually found in Merle patterns). Their ears can be erect, semi-erect or fully dropped. They come in two coat varieties: rough and smooth; and they may come in just about any color and color pattern including solid, bicolor, tricolor and merle.

Hyperactive and Highly Energetic Dog

He is energetic, alert, athletic, eager to please and keenly intelligent. This breed is famous for its herding skills, and today they are still extremely active in livestock fields and on farms world-wide. They have a wonderful disposition but are one of the most high-energy dogs in the canine community. People with limited time and space should not own Border Collies.

Border Collies are famous frisbee and agility champions. With an intense, watchful eye they tackle every task put before them with the focus of an Olympic Athlete. Watching a Border Collie at work, whether in a field or on an agility course is truly breathtaking. They love to take on new tasks, and make the ideal dog for farmers and ranchers.

Yes, They Love To Cuddle!

Aside from being a family dog, most border collies end up as a rescue or police dog because of its natural herding instinct. This is a very smart breed and is also very detailed and on-point when trained for a specific job. Border collies are also very cuddly and love to hug and be around people which makes this one of the top dog breeds that are ideal for families who have older kids, a large space, and could handle the highly energetic and hyperactive border collie.