border collie puppy care

Border Collies are extremely intelligent and alert dogs that make great pets, but their intelligence, extremely high level of energy and their strong herding instincts can make them somewhat difficult to handle for inexperienced owners.

First of all you need to make your home safe for the new puppy. They learn very fast, many people have complained that they just can’t seem to keep their Collie contained; they learn how to open doors and navigate fences. This might be dangerous for a puppy that could get out on the road and possibly be hit by a car. You need to make sure that the dog is securely held somewhere where it can’t get hurt.

You’ll need to have a vet come and administer required vaccinations, do this as soon as possible and make sure that your puppy doesn’t come into contact with other dogs before this is done. Once he is vaccinated, however, you’ll want him to socialize with other dogs and with people as often as possible. Collies are extremely loyal and devoted to their owners, but they can be somewhat suspicious of strangers. Socializing them enough while they are young will prevent them from reacting badly to people that they don’t know.

They have dense coats that offer great protection from cold, so they could and should be kept outside. They are extremely energetic and will need tons of exercise. Apart from walking them daily you should play with them s often as you can and try to really get them tired – play Frisbee with them or give them an activity that will drain them of their insane amounts of energy before they decide to use it to destroy your furniture.

Their intelligence can be a double edged sword when it comes to training them. On one hand they adopt new commands easily, on the other they can notice the slightest shifts in the way that your issuing the command and think that those shifts are intentional and that you are in fact giving them a different command. Be patient and precise and you shouldn’t have any problems.