border collie kids

Choosing a dog for your family and especially kids is a big decision. Picking the right dog is very important for the safety and happiness of the dog and your kids. Choosing a Border Collie for your family is sometimes debatable. Some people believe, because of the high energy and enthusiasm of the breed, it is perfect for a farm or ranch. However, others believe Border Collies are so obedient and intelligent, they can adjust easily to a family with kids.

Major Characteristic

The Border Collie is first and foremost a worker. It is considered a “workaholic” by many. The main reason they have been selected for so many years – is their ability to work well with flocks. It is estimated that in the United States, 98% of all farms use dogs to work with the herd, and most of these dogs are Border Collies.

This dog has great vitality and a huge need to perform tasks. It is not uncommon to find a Border Collie bored in the absence of a flock of sheep to care for, or just herding ducks, children, or anything that moves.


By nature, the Border Collie is hard working and obedient to its owner. This breed on the farm is famous for its “intimidating look” – a fixed and hypnotic stare he throws while crouching and approaching the sheep. One of the smartest of all breeds, the Border Collie can be challenging to get along with. Their superior intelligence, combined with intense and obsessive enthusiasm for work are their strongest characteristics – and also those that may not be suitable for some homes.

In the absence of mental and physical action, Border Collies become hyperactive and leave you crazy with their obsessive and destructive behavior. They love pleasing their owner and are loyal beyond belief.

Border Collies are masters of flight and can magically open the lock on your gate. So watch out!


Border Collies are eager to herd and follow cars, bikes, people, cats, other dogs, wild animals and children running back and forth. They interact with those who do not cooperate with their “grazing” through nudges and pushes, and sometimes bite the members that “stray from the flock”. However, many experts believe that since the dog is easily trainable, this behavior can be quickly corrected with proper training.

Is the Border Collie good for your kids?

No one can say with absolute certainty that a particular breed of dog is good for your family. You need to study and do the research. Talk to your local veterinarians, join a dog training center or program in your area, and listen to suggestions from someone who has had experience with a Border Collie within your relatives and friends’ circle to help you come up with an intelligent decision.