Do Border Collies Like To Cuddle?

The Border Collie is a well-balanced, medium-sized dog that displays grace and agility in equal measure with substance and stamina.

The Typical Black and White Dog

Border Collies are the typical black and white dogs you see around that have been bred to herd sheep. They come in an assortment of sizes and colors, though they generally range from about 30 to 60 pounds and their standard markings are black with a white collar, chest, head stripe (blaze), paws, and tail tip. These markings are only the perceived “typical” markings, as Border Collies also come in red/white, black/red/white, blue merle, red merle, mostly white, tan and black, brindle, sable, and mostly black varieties. They are quite commonly seen in television ads and Hollywood films. They are known for their incredible herding instinct and their keen intelligence.

Their bodies are a bit longer than they are tall, with moderately long, low-set tails. They have wide, flat skulls and their muzzles are usually the same length as the skull.

The Border Collie’s nose color should match the main color of his body. Eyes can be any color, and some dogs have two different colored eyes (usually found in Merle patterns). Their ears can be erect, semi-erect or fully dropped. They come in two coat varieties: rough and smooth; and they may come in just about any color and color pattern including solid, bicolor, tricolor and merle.

Hyperactive and Highly Energetic Dog

He is energetic, alert, athletic, eager to please and keenly intelligent. This breed is famous for its herding skills, and today they are still extremely active in livestock fields and on farms world-wide. They have a wonderful disposition but are one of the most high-energy dogs in the canine community. People with limited time and space should not own Border Collies.

Border Collies are famous frisbee and agility champions. With an intense, watchful eye they tackle every task put before them with the focus of an Olympic Athlete. Watching a Border Collie at work, whether in a field or on an agility course is truly breathtaking. They love to take on new tasks, and make the ideal dog for farmers and ranchers.

Yes, They Love To Cuddle!

Aside from being a family dog, most border collies end up as a rescue or police dog because of its natural herding instinct. This is a very smart breed and is also very detailed and on-point when trained for a specific job. Border collies are also very cuddly and love to hug and be around people which makes this one of the top dog breeds that are ideal for families who have older kids, a large space, and could handle the highly energetic and hyperactive border collie.…

There are a lot of people who would want to own a Border collie dogs for their intelligence and athletic abilities, but what they do not know is that Border collie dogs can actually be a challenge and might be a bit too much to handle especially if you want them as a pet. There are many things that you should know about when it comes to the Border collie because people don’t normally know them that much except for them being smart dogs and very hardworking animals who are also good looking. To those people who needed to know more about them before they make the final decisions here are some of the list that you should expect when owning a Border collie dogs.

  • They are very intelligent and athletic. Sometimes these traits can actually lead to trouble. These dogs are pretty smart animals they will find ways to get into trouble and not to mention if you don’t give these animals the physical and mental stimulation that they need, they will end up destroying the house.
  • They are good at herding livestock, especially sheep. Their herding skills are good when it comes to farming but they can be spelled disaster if you place them in a house with your family. Their herding skills can be a problem so it is better to redirect it and discourage their herding skills in order to avoid any damage.
  • They can be destructive and energetic if you don’t give them constant exercise. This is another problem that you should know about. Walking your Border collie dog at the park will not be enough to satisfy them or having a pretty big backyard won’t be enough to contain them. It is better to train them with positive reinforcement and give them constant and creative exercise to curb those destructive tendencies.

Now that you know, you’re going to think real hard it these type of breed is the perfect pet for you. Yes, they are intelligent, and yes they can be hard working dogs and they are easily well-trained animals but is it worth the trouble in bringing them to your home when they are trained herding sheepdogs? Consider the possibilities that might happen if you turn them into household pets? These animals are perfect for farming thanks to their herding skills. They can be a great asset for the farmer but they won’t be perfect house pets for homeowners as well.

It is best to know more about the Border collie dogs before taking the plunge that way you won’t have to regret in making the decision when you are more aware and well informed of their abilities. It is advisable for you to find a more suitable dog that can be the perfect family pet than having to own a Border collie dog. There’s a high chance you won’t handle their smart and energetic personality. They need physical and mental exercise. Are you willing enough to provide that?…

The Benefits In Adopting A Border Collie Dog

If you are interested in adopting a Border collie dog, then you need to be prepared especially when you don’t know what you’re getting into. For Border collie dogs are the most intelligent and hardworking animals. Their job is to herd sheep and other livestock in the farm making sure that they are well in line and won’t fall astray from the pack. If you are thinking that they are perfect for a household pet then you have to be mistaken. They are a challenging breed of dogs to handle. For their superior intellect, mixed with their intensity and their obsessed desire to work out on the field are the best feature to have but they can be a bit too much for you as well, especially if you wanted them as a pet.

But despite the fact that they can be a terror if you don’t give them the needed exercise and other physical stimulation that will help them feel at ease and busy, they can be decent enough pets if you fill in the criteria. So long as you give the dogs the things that they needed in order to stay active and well-trained.

Here are some of the list that will help you understand why adopting a Border Collie Dog can be a possible candidate for you.

  • They are the perfect asset when it comes to farming.
  • They are very intelligent and hardworking dogs.
  • They are very athletic and though, especially when the environment can be harsh.
  • They can be easily trained using positive reinforcement.
  • They are very obedient and loyal to their owners.

These are the positive things that you should learn when it comes to the Border collie dogs, however, do not ignore their cons as well. There are some dogs that can a bit overwhelming to homeowners, owners who have no knowledge when it comes to adopting a Border collie dog. If you are not aware or well-informed what would these dogs be, if they do not meet their criteria of needs, then you will be in for a challenge of your life. So here are some of these cons that you should be aware of before making the decision.

  • They can be very destructive and energetic.
  • They will be aggressive if you don’t release some steam.
  • For they need tons and tons of physical and mental stimulation to keep them in check.
  • They need to be trained very well in order to redirect and discourage his herding instincts, especially when the environment is not suitable for it.
  • They are very intelligent, to the point when left alone they can be in a lot of trouble.

Now that you see these icons can be a bit too much for you. You have to be constantly on your toes in order to ensure that their behavior won’t drive you up the wall. If you are not fit for the challenge, then it is advisable for you to choose a different breed of dog that is suitable for your preference.…

Border Collie Sports And Activities


Many Border Collies in these days now compete in agility trials. Agility can be for any dog breed, mix breed or not. Even disabled dogs can do agility. There are different types of agility courses. In the sport, it includes jumps, tunnels, a chute, a seesaw, a tire jump, weave poles, an A-frame, and a bridge. In some courses, there is a part when a dog sits or stands on a small table, and stays still for a certain amount of time. The owner guides the dog through the course, while the dogs does the jumping a running. On the jumps, the dog jumps it. If it is a different smaller or larger breed, they set the poles on certain heights depending on the dog. In the tire, the dog jumps through the tire. In the tunnel, the dogs run through it. On the bridge, the dog must run on it. On the seesaw, the dog must go on and tilt it with the dog’s weight and jump of at the right time, or they could be disqualified. In the chute, the dog goes inside, and must run through it. On the weave poles, the dog has to zigzag through the poles. Many times a dog doesn’t want to do the poles, and just goes around it and gets disqualified. The owner must train the dog to do each of these obstacles. The owner guides the dog to the obstacles, and they have to go in a certain order. Later at the end, the dogs get rated and then there is a winner. Border Collies are very good at this sport, so Border Collies can only compete against Border Collies. Many people do agility to entertain their dog.

Fly Ball

Fly ball is another big sport for any breed dog. There are groups of 4 dogs that go against other teams. There are hurdles that dogs must jump over. The hurdles are in a straight line that leads to a box with tennis balls. The dog steps on a pad, a tennis ball fly’s out, and the dog gets the ball, races back, and gives the ball to the owner, then another dog goes. In some versions, the hurdles are placed ten feet from each other. At the beginning line, the first hurdle is six feet away. The last hurdle is fifteen feet away from the box. There are four hurdles in all, which makes 51 feet in all. The hurdle height is based by the shoulder height of the smallest dog in the team. People also do this sport to entertain their dogs.

Dock Diving

Dock diving is also for any breed dog. There are two different types or doing it. There is one way, when the people hang a dog toy on a pole, and the dog jumps up to get it. The dock is two feet above the water, and the toy is eight feet above the dock. The dogs are scored by their ability to jump higher. Another one is when a person throws a floatable dog toy into the water, and the dog is scored by how fast they can retrieve the toy. Owners cannot nudge, push, or make their dogs jump. The dogs have to jump by themselves, with no one telling them to jump. People compete against each other to win.


Herding is a very big sport. In herding, the owner has the dog round up sheep, cattle, ducks, whatever animal it is. The person uses different kind of whistles to direct the dog. The dog moves around the sheep to where the owner wants them to go. The dog is supposed to keep the sheep together as moving them. The Border collie uses a very special method called the ‘eye’ to control the sheep. Only the Border collie breed has it. The Border collie gets into a low position kind of like a crouch. Then they give a stare that is the eye. When the dog stares at the sheep, or whatever it is herding, the stare frightens the sheep, and then the dog can control the sheep without making mush noise, and without biting. On farms, Border Collies herd sheep, cattle, ducks, goats, and pigs. But sometimes, trained or not trained, Border Collies would try to herd other things. Like vacuum cleaners, people, lawn mowers, cars, bikes, and other animals like cats or other dogs. Herding was the first sport for Border Collies.


The sport got its start in the early 1970s. In the toss and fetch version, contestants have 60 seconds to make as many throws as possible. In the free style version, a routine might be from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. In this version, it includes lots of really cool flips.…

Border Collies make excellent pets and even better herding dogs. They excel at dog sporting events because of their unique and amazing combination of agility, strength, intelligence and obedience. They are considered one of the smartest if not the smartest dog breed. A lot of people have heard these things about them and thought that a Border Collie would make an ideal pet for them. Sadly, they are quite often wrong.

The fact that people decide on getting a Border Collie without first getting to know exactly what this breed requires in its owner is the reason for the very high abandonment rates of Border Collies. People who rushed into finding one soon discover that they bit off more than they can chew. It is true that these dogs make great pets and that all the qualities that people are used to assigning them are indeed present, but they also require a lot of attention, a large yard is almost a must and their herding instinct can sometimes cause quite a bit of trouble if misdirected.

Border Collie is a working dog. This breed is used to spending days in open fields, running for hours on end and gathering sheep. That kind of work requires incredible amounts of energy, and Collie is in no short supply. Now, imagine what happens to a dog that is bred for that kind of life when he is placed in small apartment and only occasionally taken out for walk. If you don’t give him enough exercise and enough activities to occupy his more than alert mind and body, Collie will start going crazy with boredom and pent up energy. He will try to release it in any way he finds possible, which usually means destroying anything that he can get a hold of. Don’t allow this to happen, make sure that you are keeping him almost constantly occupied.

Another problem with Collies is that they might be dangerous around children. Now, it’s not that they are by nature violent or that they have something against children, it is just that they were bred to herd and that instinct overrides everything else. If a Collie sees a child running around he will perceive it as an animal that is trying to break away from the flock. He will rush to contain the child, which will, naturally, frighten the child and make it try to run away. Collies generally herd sheep without physical contact, instead they use their intense gaze (this is called ‘the eye’) to get them in line. Only if that fails will Collie proceed to nudge and, eventually, bite the sheep. This can happen with a child if the chase goes on for too long. If you do have a small child you mustn’t let it run in Collie’s vicinity. If the child is still or just normally walking this won’t trigger the reaction in Collie. This is also not something that you can train your dog to stop doing. This behavior is instinct, and as such overrides any training that you could throw at him.

If you are ready to make this kind of commitment and you meet the necessary conditions, by all means buy, or even better, rescue a Border Collie. You will be getting a great new friend.…

Border Collies are one of the best known and most widely used sheep herding dogs. Their ability to learn new commands extremely quickly, to work well even when out of the site of their owners and the fact that their great intelligence comes in a very agile and strong body makes them perfect working dogs.

Their ancestors were Landrace Collies of the British Isles. It is presumed that the modern Border Collie originated on the fields of English and Scottish border. The word “collie” is a Scottish word that stands for a sheep herding dog.

The breed first gained recognition and became separate from Scotch Sheep Dogs in the minds of the people when in 1860 Queen Victoria saw one and was left enchanted. Most of the present day Border Collies can be traced to single ancestor named Old Hemp. This dog that lived from 1893 to 1902 was an excellent sheep herding dog and was used as stud quite often, as people wanted a dog that would share his remarkable qualities.

These dogs were introduced to New Zealand in the late 1890’s and to Australia in the early 1900’s. Both of these countries are known for great flocks of sheep and Border Collie was just the thing they needed. It is estimated that a skilled and trained Border Collie can replace 3 to 5 men when it comes to sheep herding. This made them extremely valuable and sought after.

They were fully recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1995 and have since gone on to win a great number of conformation shows, as well as different events such as agility, fly ball or sheep herding events. They are just as popular as pets as they are as working dogs and they have managed to make a lot of owners very proud and satisfied.…

Proper Nutrition for a Border Collie

3416248020_6acc85f004_oThere is conflicting information about how and what to feed a Border Collie. Each person seems to have a different opinion on the feeding routine, including schedules and choosing the best brand of food. Dogs do not buy their own food and cannot tell you what food they like. So, in the end, the only way to know what is best for your dog is by watching him. If he is healthy and happy, you should follow and continue with it.

Fresh food and Ready Meal

Many dog owners believe it is necessary to prepare and serve the animal food on their own to ensure a better balance of nutrients. Others, perhaps because they have less time available, do not follow that way and instead buy food from a pet store. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with preparing dog food, but care must be taken to include the proper nutrients, not just serve the leftovers of the house meals. Animals and humans have different nutritional needs, and the same foods that cause human health problems such as obesity has similar effects in dogs. If you purchase prepared food on the other hand, it is formulated to include all the vitamins, protein and fat that the animal needs, saving you from having to worry about it. Just check with a veterinarian about the amount of food offered to ensure that you are not giving too much food. Feel free to vary the brands until you find something that suits the dog and offers you a cost-benefit.

Free food and Programmed Feeding

The “free food” way is to leave food available for the dog around, allowing it to choose when to eat and control their own needs. Scheduled “programmed” feeding consists in providing meals in an appropriate portion different times of the day, usually once in the morning and once at night. The free food requires that you make sure your pet is not eating too much, and if you own more than one dog, there should not be a competition for food. Most dogs adapt well to free food. On the other hand, if the animal has specific dietary restrictions (such as in a weight loss plan), the programmed feeding may be more suitable.

Nutritional needs

The Border Collie breed is extremely active. Because of this, the dogs should eat enough carbohydrates, the main source of the body energy, more than the sedentary animals receive. Good quality proteins are also essential like lipids, vitamins and minerals. The veterinarian is the best person to determine the right amounts to give the dog in particular, taking into account the age and level of physical activity. They are very similar to bearded dragon food habits (found here:  The vegetarian is generally not a good choice for dogs whose digestive system is more adapted to handle animal than vegetable protein. There are also concerns about the insufficient amount of amino acid and vitamin B12 in vegetarian diets, although these nutrients are supplemented in vegetarian foods ready for dogs.


Some good treats for the Border Collie include boiled eggs and cottage cheese, which are good sources of digestible protein. Bones can also be given, provided that they are long type and pulp. If the dog breaks the bone into small pieces, remove them to prevent it from getting hurt. It is important to remember that no more than 10% of the animal’s diet should consist of “human foods”. Avoid giving chocolate because it contains theobromine, a stimulant that can be toxic to dogs if consumed in large quantities.

Finally, be mindful of the fact that you’re not a veterinarian when deciding on what is nutritious for your dog. So, the easy and the right way to handle the question of your dog’s diet should be left to your doctor’s recommendation.…

Border Collies have been owned and loved by people over the centuries. This is a dog known for herding sheep, but is also associated with competitive sport, sledding, search and rescue, hunting and company. A typical Border Collie is a very strong-willed animal, intelligent and instinctive, making it a joy to be around, as the dog is very trainable.

Teach your Border Collie its name Border Collies are very intelligent dogs and learn very quickly. To create a bond with your Border Collie, the first thing you need to do is teach him his name, so when you’re talking about the dog, he understands that you are addressing him. To do this, just say the name you have chosen and then give him a treat. Repeat until the dog responds to his name.

Discourage the Innate Mentality of the Dog to Herd

Border Collie has an instinctive desire to herd animals and the people who are around him. If you have children, you may find that when they are out of the game, your Border Collie wants to round up the kids, or take the package. When you see the grazing activity, have children stop what they are doing and scold the dog. Let the dog know each time this behavior is not good as it is not their job.

Fixing Your Border Collie

An untrained Border Collie might do some silly thing initially, but don’t worry, the dog is intelligent enough to learn and behave quickly. While something can be beautiful the first few times, over time what was once beautiful is no more. As soon as you see a behavior, such as begging or excavation, say “NO!” in a low and growl-like voice. Then, show the dog what you want him to do. Follow this process of correction and praise each time to be more effective.

Border Collie and Crate Training

The Border Collie does best with crate training because they are working dogs and they love to be able to expect what lies ahead. During crate training, your dog will be put in a box where you cannot see or interact with him. To housebreak your dog, let it outside immediately after leaving the box. Praise him every time he goes potty outside. The dog will quickly pick up on the fact that the box is his safe place and out is intended to ease up and play.

Give your dog a Job

The Border Collie is born as a working dog. They get bored easily if they do not have something to do that keeps them busy. Work with your dog as much as possible, teaching tricks, going to obedience school, or even teach it to do things like picking up paper or walk around the yard with you. While the dog feels like he’s doing a job, he will be much happier and less irritable.…

health issues of a border collie

Border Collies are bred as working dogs, and as such they are very resilient and hardy. However, there is a number of conditions, some genetic some not, that often afflict these beautiful dogs. The list given her is not complete and you should consult your vet if you want a fully comprehensive set of possible conditions. You need to get acquainted with these problems in order to be able to notice the initial symptoms and report them to the vet before the condition gets the chance to progress and become a serious threat to the health of your pet.

Hip Dysplasia

One of the more common genetic conditions afflicting border Collies (as well as many other dog breeds) is hip dysplasia. This condition is characterized by the irregularities in hip bones and cartilage. If left untreated for too long the chafing between the bones can become rather serious and impede the dog’s walking ability. If you notice that your dog is limping and you can’t link that to a recent injury you should contact the vet and tell him or her about the problem. Surgical solutions are available and they can help your dog recover completely.

Eye Anomaly

Another genetic disorder related to Collies is Collie Eye Anomaly. This disorder causes some parts of the eye to develop improperly. The negative effects of this condition can vary from complete blindness to no ill effects at all. The disease is not progressive and dogs that suffer it might lead completely normal lives. It can be diagnosed with most certainty before the dog reaches 12 weeks of age. Some dogs might have undetectable from of the condition because of the fact that sometimes healthy tissue can grow over the afflicted and completely conceal it.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Another eye condition that often afflicts Border Collies is progressive retinal atrophy. As its name implies this is a progressive condition that can, over time, cause the destruction of the dog’s retinas. It initially makes the dog lose the ability to see in dimly lit areas, and can in time cause complete blindness.

Epileptic Seizures

It is not uncommon to find Collies suffering from epileptic seizures. They are quite easy to notice and usually harmless, but the dog can be set on a medication therapy that was shown to be successful in most cases.

Ceroid Lipofucinosis

One of the more insidious diseases that occur in Border Collies is ceroid lipofucinosis. Also known by the name “storage disease”, this condition attacks the nerve cells and, sadly treatment is not available. Its symptoms usually occur when the dog is 12 to 18 months old, but it can quickly progress from then on. There were no dogs afflicted by this disease that lived past two and a half years of age. Vets usually recommend euthanasia in such cases. Early symptoms of the disease are unsteadiness in walking, unreasonable fear of previously familiar people or objects as well as odd behavior, possibly coupled with bursts of rage. Luckily the disease is not too often occurring, but it has been known to target Border Collies.…

border collie kids

Choosing a dog for your family and especially kids is a big decision. Picking the right dog is very important for the safety and happiness of the dog and your kids. Choosing a Border Collie for your family is sometimes debatable. Some people believe, because of the high energy and enthusiasm of the breed, it is perfect for a farm or ranch. However, others believe Border Collies are so obedient and intelligent, they can adjust easily to a family with kids.

Major Characteristic

The Border Collie is first and foremost a worker. It is considered a “workaholic” by many. The main reason they have been selected for so many years – is their ability to work well with flocks. It is estimated that in the United States, 98% of all farms use dogs to work with the herd, and most of these dogs are Border Collies.

This dog has great vitality and a huge need to perform tasks. It is not uncommon to find a Border Collie bored in the absence of a flock of sheep to care for, or just herding ducks, children, or anything that moves.


By nature, the Border Collie is hard working and obedient to its owner. This breed on the farm is famous for its “intimidating look” – a fixed and hypnotic stare he throws while crouching and approaching the sheep. One of the smartest of all breeds, the Border Collie can be challenging to get along with. Their superior intelligence, combined with intense and obsessive enthusiasm for work are their strongest characteristics – and also those that may not be suitable for some homes.

In the absence of mental and physical action, Border Collies become hyperactive and leave you crazy with their obsessive and destructive behavior. They love pleasing their owner and are loyal beyond belief.

Border Collies are masters of flight and can magically open the lock on your gate. So watch out!


Border Collies are eager to herd and follow cars, bikes, people, cats, other dogs, wild animals and children running back and forth. They interact with those who do not cooperate with their “grazing” through nudges and pushes, and sometimes bite the members that “stray from the flock”. However, many experts believe that since the dog is easily trainable, this behavior can be quickly corrected with proper training.

Is the Border Collie good for your kids?

No one can say with absolute certainty that a particular breed of dog is good for your family. You need to study and do the research. Talk to your local veterinarians, join a dog training center or program in your area, and listen to suggestions from someone who has had experience with a Border Collie within your relatives and friends’ circle to help you come up with an intelligent decision.…